History Cooperage Juan Pino S.L. - American oak barrels

History Cooperage Juan Pino S.L.


Cooperage JUAN PINO S.L., has been growing steadily, thanks to the time and effort devoted to the development of each of our products.
Passing from father to son, he has continued to develop the manufacturing process of all performing multiple and complex tasks for which require skill, knowledge and above all experience that can only be acquired from the best teachers products.

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Cooperage JUAN PINO S.L., is located in the town of Montilla (Córdoba), a land of vineyards and wine place of origin Designation of Origin Montilla-Moriles.


Our barrels are made with authentic oak , treating it with the same care as our ancestors, until the optimal maturity Cooper is obtained. Oak maturity requires a certain humidity and tannic richness, so the sun, rain and wind, are essential.
But the element that will help us master the oak is the fire, with the fire the cask toasting to our liking and to suit the client.

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