Manufacturing process with Oak Barrels

Manufacturing process barrels


For the manufacture of our barrels we can use American oak, European oak and oak Galicia - Cantabria (Spain).

The type of toasting each barrel will be based on the needs of each client, with optional type of roasting and toasting of funds. The fuel used for bending wood is always oak, where reuse waste wood for the fire.


método de fabricación de barriles con roble


Each manufacturing process is inspected by our master coopers. At the end of manufacture, the barrels are subjected to quality control where we subject to a leak test by water and air pressure to check for leaks.

We have a large number of prestigious wineries to use our barrels with wine (Oloroso, Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Pedro Ximenez, Moscatel and Brandy). These can be filled during the years you wish, finally getting the traceability of our barrels from the wood origin, year of manufacture and certified barrel cellar. All this will be marked on the bottom of the barrel as the identity of each barrel.


barriles roble método fabricacion
barril de roble terminado
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